II. Types: Gram Positive

  1. Cocci
    1. Facultative Anaerobes
      1. Staphylococcus (cocci in clusters)
    2. Microaerophilic
      1. Streptococcus (cocci in chains, except pneumococcus which is in pairs)
      2. Enterococcus (cocci in chains)
  2. Rods
    1. Obligate Anaerobes
      1. Clostridium (spore forming)
    2. Facultative Anaerobes
      1. Corynebacterium
      2. Listeria
      3. Bacillus anthracis (spore forming)
    3. Obligate aerobes
      1. Bacillus Cereus (spore forming)
      2. Mycobacterium (weakly Gram Positive but strongly acid-fast)
  3. Branching
    1. Facultative Anaerobes
      1. Actinomyces
    2. Obligate aerobes
      1. Nocardia (also weakly acid fast)

III. Types: Gram Negative

  1. Cocci
    1. Obligate aerobes (all are cocci in pairs)
      1. Neisseria
      2. Moraxella catarrhalis (cocci in pairs)
      3. HaemophilusInfluenzae (cocci in pairs)
  2. Rods (in general)
    1. Facultative Anaerobes
      1. Francisella
      2. Pasteurella
      3. Gardnerella
    2. Obligate aerobes
      1. Bordatella
      2. Legionella
      3. Brucella
  3. Rods (gastrointestinal)
    1. Obligate Anaerobes
      1. Bacteroides
    2. Facultative Anaerobes
      1. Escherichia coli (has flagella)
      2. Shigella
      3. Salmonella
      4. Yersinia
      5. Klebsiella
      6. Proteus
      7. Enterobacter
      8. Serratia
      9. Vibrio (has flagella)
      10. Helicobacter
    3. Microaerophilic
      1. Campylobacter
    4. Obligate aerobes
      1. Pseudomonas
  4. Spirochetes (spiral-shaped, dark-field positive)
    1. Microaerophilic
      1. Treponema
      2. Borrelia
      3. Leptospira
  5. Pleomorphs
    1. Obligate aerobes
      1. Bartonella (facultative intracellular)
    2. Obligate Anaerobes (also obligate intracellular)
      1. Chlamydia
      2. Rickettsiae

IV. Types: Miscellaneous

  1. Gram Neutral Coccus (no cell wall)
    1. Facultative Anaerobe
      1. Mycoplasma

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Ontology: Bacterial Infections (C0004623)

Definition (MEDLINEPLUS)

Bacteria are living things that have only one cell. Under a microscope, they look like balls, rods, or spirals. They are so small that a line of 1,000 could fit across a pencil eraser. Most bacteria won't hurt you - less than 1 percent of the different types make people sick. Many are helpful. Some bacteria help to digest food, destroy disease-causing cells, and give the body needed vitamins. Bacteria are also used in making healthy foods like yogurt and cheese.

But infectious bacteria can make you ill. They reproduce quickly in your body. Many give off chemicals called toxins, which can damage tissue and make you sick. Examples of bacteria that cause infections include Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, and E. coli.

Antibiotics are the usual treatment. When you take antibiotics, follow the directions carefully. Each time you take antibiotics, you increase the chances that bacteria in your body will learn to resist them. Later, you could get or spread an infection that those antibiotics cannot cure.

NIH: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Definition (NCI) An acute infectious disorder caused by gram positive or gram negative bacteria. Representative examples include pneumococcal , streptococcal, salmonella and meningeal infections.
Definition (MSH) Infections by bacteria, general or unspecified.
Definition (CSP) infections and associated diseases caused by bacteria, general or unspecified.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D001424
ICD10 A49.9 , A49
SnomedCT 186470002, 266187000, 187347000, 154318005, 266182006, 87628006, 301811001
English Bacterial Infection, Infection, Bacterial, Infections, Bacterial, bacterial disease, INFECTION BACTERIAL, Bacterial infection NOS, Bacterial infection, unspecified, Bacterial infection,unspcfd, [X]Bacterial infection, unspecified, [X]Bacterial infection,unspcfd, BACT INFECT, INFECT BACT, Bacterial diseases NOS, Bacterial Infections, bacterial infection (diagnosis), bacterial infection, Infection bacterial, Bacterial infection of unspecified site, Bacterial Infections [Disease/Finding], bacteria caused diseases, Infection;bacterial, disease caused by bacteria, bacteria caused disease, bacterial diseases, other bacterial infection, bacterial infections, bacterial infectious diseases, Bacterial infectious disorders, Bacterial Disorder, Bacterial infection NOS (disorder), [X]Bacterial infection, unspecified (disorder), Bacterial diseases NOS (disorder), Bacterial diseases, BACTERIAL INFECTION, Bacterial Disease, INFECTION, BACTERIAL, bacterial infection by site (diagnosis), Disease caused by bacteria, Bacterial infectious disease, Bacterial infection, Bacterial disease, Bacterial infection by site, Bacterial infection by site (disorder), Bacterial infectious disease (disorder), bacterial; disease, bacterial; infection, disease (or disorder); bacterial, infection; bacterial, Bacterial infection, NOS, Bacterial infectious disease, NOS, Disease caused by bacteria, NOS, Bacterial Disorders, Bacterial infection; unspecified site
Italian Patologie infettive batteriche, Infezione batterica NAS, Infezione batterica, Infezioni batteriche
Dutch bacteriële infectie NAO, infectie bacterieel, aandoening; bacterieel, bacterieel; aandoening, bacterieel; infectie, infectie; bacterieel, Bacteriële infectie, niet gespecificeerd, bacteriële infectieziekten, bacteriële infectie, Bacteriële infectie van niet gespecificeerde lokalisatie, Bacteriële infectie, Infectie, bacteriële
French Infection bactérienne SAI, Maladies bactériennes, INFECTION BACTERIENNE, Infection bactérienne, Troubles bactériens infectieux, Infections bactériennes, Maladies infectieuses bactériennes
German Infektion bakteriell, bakterielle Infektion NNB, Bakterielle Infektion nicht naeher bezeichneter Lokalisation, Bakterielle Infektion, nicht naeher bezeichnet, INFEKTION BAKTERIELL, Bakterielle infektioese Erkrankungen, bakterielle Infektion, Bakterielle Infektionen, Infektionen, bakterielle
Portuguese Infecção bacteriana NE, INFECCAO BACTERIANA, Infecções por Bactérias, Doenças por Bactérias, Doenças Bacterianas, Afecções bacterianas infecciosas, Infecção bacteriana, Infecções Bacterianas
Spanish Infección bacteriana NEOM, INFECCION BACTERIANA, infección bacteriana, SAI (trastorno), [X]infección bacteriana, no especificada (trastorno), infección bacteriana, SAI, enfermedades bacterianas, SAI, Bacterial diseases NOS, [X]infección bacteriana, no especificada, enfermedades bacterianas, SAI (trastorno), enfermedad causada por bacterias, enfermedad infecciosa bacteriana (trastorno), enfermedad infecciosa bacteriana, infección bacteriana según la localización (trastorno), infección bacteriana según la localización, infección bacteriana, Enfermedades bacterianas, Infección bacteriana, Infecciones Bacterianas
Japanese 細菌感染NOS, サイキンカンセンショウ, サイキンカンセン, サイキンカンセンNOS, 細菌感染症, 感染症-細菌, 細菌感染
Swedish Bakteriella infektioner
Czech bakteriální infekce, Bakteriální infekce NOS, Onemocnění způsobená bakteriální infekcí, Bakteriální infekce
Finnish Bakteeritartunnat
Korean 상세불명 부위의 세균성 감염, 상세불명의 세균성 감염
Hungarian Bacteriális fertőzéses betegségek, bacterialis fertőzés k.m.n., Bacterialis fertőzés, bacterialis fertőzés
Norwegian Bakterielle infeksjoner, Bakterieinfeksjoner
Polish Zakażenia bakteryjne