II. Signs

  1. No clinical signs of Syphilis (CSF Normal)

III. Types

  1. Early Latency (First year after infection)
    1. Symptoms present in 25% of early Latent Syphilis and this group will transmit Syphilis sexually
  2. Late Latency (Latent infection >1 year, typically 3-20 years)
    1. No symptoms of primary or Secondary Syphilis
    2. Typically only infectious in pregnancy and transfusion

IV. Labs

  1. See Syphilis Testing
  2. Only Syphilis Serology positive during Latent Syphilis

V. Management

  1. See Syphilis

VI. Course

  1. Progression to Tertiary Syphilis in one third of untreated patients

VII. References

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