II. Epidemiology

  1. Stinging Insects (Hymenoptera) are responsible for the greatest number of Envenomation deaths in the U.S.

III. Types

  1. Venomous Snakes
    1. See Snake Bite
    2. Pit Vipers
    3. Gila Monster
    4. Coral Snakes
  2. Spiders
    1. See Spider Bite
    2. Black Widow Spider
    3. Brown Recluse Spider
    4. Tarantula
  3. Scorpions
    1. Arizona Bark Scorpion
  4. Insects
    1. Stinging Insects
  5. Marine Animals
    1. See Marine Envenomation
    2. Stingray
    3. Jellyfish
    4. Sea anemone (treat as Jellyfish sting)
    5. Stinging Coral (treat as Jellyfish sting)
    6. Sea Urchin
    7. Scorpion Fish Family (Scorpionfish, Lionfish, Sculpins)
    8. Catfish

IV. Management

  1. Specific to bite or sting type (see links above)

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Ontology: Venoms (C0042479)

Definition (NCI) A concentrated fluid of poisonous and biologically active substances secreted by a variety of animals that can be injected or in some other way introduced into another animal or human, usually by a bite or a sting.
Definition (MSH) Poisonous animal secretions forming fluid mixtures of many different enzymes, toxins, and other substances. These substances are produced in specialized glands and secreted through specialized delivery systems (nematocysts, spines, fangs, etc.) for disabling prey or predator.
Concepts Hazardous or Poisonous Substance (T131)
MSH D014688
SnomedCT 256438009, 37663002
English Venom, venoms, Venoms, Venoms [Chemical/Ingredient], venom, Venom (substance), Venom ()-RETIRED
Spanish veneno (sustancia del cuerpo), Venenos de Animales, veneno (sustancia del cuerpo) (sustancia), veneno, Ponzoñas
French Venin, Venins
Swedish Giftsekret
Czech jedy živočišné
Finnish Eläinmyrkyt
Japanese 毒液
Italian Sostanza velenosa di origine animale, Sostanze velenose di origine animale
Croatian Not Translated[Venoms]
Polish Jady
Norwegian Not Translated[Venoms]
Portuguese Venenos de Animais, Peçonhas
German Tiergifte
Dutch Gif

Ontology: envenomation resulting in modification of morphology or physiology of other organism (C3271326)

Definition (GO) The process which begins with venom being forced into an organism by the bite or sting of another organism, and ends with the manifestation of some change or damage to the bitten organism. [GOC:pamgo_curators]
Concepts Biologic Function (T038)
English envenomation resulting in modification of morphology or physiology of other organism