II. Background

  1. Not a true coral
  2. Categorized as calcareous hydrozoan
  3. Small brush-like growth on rocks and coral

III. Symptoms

  1. Initial: Stinging or burning pain
  2. Later: Severe itching and Urticaria

IV. Course

  1. Pain resolves in 90 minutes (earlier if treated)
  2. Urticaria flatten in 24 hours and resolve in 7 days
    1. May be hyperpigmented for up to 2 months

V. Management

  1. Treat the same as Jellyfish stings

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Ontology: Anthozoa (C0596106)

Definition (MSH) A class in the phylum CNIDARIA, comprised mostly of corals and anemones. All members occur only as polyps; the medusa stage is completely absent.
Definition (CSP) class in the phylum Cnidaria, comprised mostly of corals and anemones; members occur only as polyps; the medusa stage is completely absent; includes sea anemones.
Concepts Eukaryote (T204)
MSH D037421
SnomedCT 421900003
English Class Anthozoa (organism), Class Anthozoa, Anthozoa, Anthozoas
Spanish clase Anthozoa, clase Anthozoa (organismo), Anthozoa, Antozoos, Antozoarios
Swedish Anthozoa
Czech korálnatci, Anthozoa
Finnish Anthozoa
Portuguese Antozoários, Anthozoa
Polish Koralowce
Norwegian Koralldyr, Anthozoa
French Anthozoa, Anthozoaires
German Anthozoa
Italian Antozoa
Dutch Anthozoa

Ontology: Millepora (C1015770)

Concepts Eukaryote (T204)
English Millepora

Ontology: Fire coral dermatitis (C1274561)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
SnomedCT 403157006
English Fire coral dermatitis (disorder), Fire coral dermatitis
Spanish dermatitis por Millepora complanata (trastorno), dermatitis por Millepora complanata, dermatitis por coral de fuego