II. Coral-related injury and illness

  1. Lacerations
    1. Aggressively irrigate Laceration site
    2. Apply Hydrogen Peroxide
    3. Clear lesion of any foreign material
    4. Apply Topical Antibiotic
    5. Anticipate poor healing due to factors below
    6. Observe for secondary complications as below
  2. Coral Envenomation
    1. Due to multiple organisms in the reef
    2. Causes local pain, Pruritus and erythema
    3. Apply acetic acid to reduce stinging pain
  3. Coral Reef Granuloma
    1. Wound hyperplasia secondary to tropical infection
    2. Due to tropical Streptococcus or Staphylococcus
  4. Infections
    1. Treat Skin Infections if present
    2. Cover for Vibrio Cellulitis

III. References

  1. Brown in Rakel (2005) Conn's Current Therapy, p. 1314

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