What is FPNotebook.com?

FPnotebook.com is a rapid access, point-of-care medical reference for primary care and emergency clinicians. Started in 1995, this collection as of April 2019, now contains 6656 interlinked topic pages divided into a tree of 31 specialty books and 728 chapters. Content is updated monthly with systematic literature reviews and conferences.

Finding Information

A search box is available at the top right on every page of the site. This is the fastest way to find content.

An alphabetical Index is available from the search results page. Navigate here from the main menu at screen top or click the search button, to the right of the menu. The alphabetical index may be useful in finding similarly prefixed topics such as all topics starting with 'causes of.'

The hierarchical tree (Book - Chapter - Page) is the over-arching organizational structure from which each topic fits. Similar content is grouped within categories or concepts. Book levels represent specialties and systems (e.g. cardiovascular medicine, pulmonology, dermatology). Chapters represent sub-categories (e.g. hypertension, valvular disease). Additional concepts further sub-divide chapters, as well as provide additional tags to allow each topic to reside within multiple groups. Pages/topics represent the actual content in outline form.

At the Page/Topic level, related content is cross-linked within the outline. The topic/page's position within the hierarchical tree is shown with 'bread crumbs' at the top right. In addition, the left sidebar displays the book link, chapter link as well as pages in this chapter as well as related sections from other chapters.

A Navigation Panel is at the bottom of every website page. At the topic level, this panel includes back-links to the current topic (e.g. on the headache topic page, all other topics that link to headache). There are also links to other related content on the site as well as with external links.

A Menu is available at the screen top right that offers top level navigation (e.g. Home page, About page, Contact page.) Similar navigation is also available in the bottom footer of each page on the website.

FPnotebook Versions

Four versions of the fpnotebook.com website are available. They may be selected above the main menu at the top right of this website.

The desktop version is the main website intended to provide the broadest functionality for standard desktop screen sizes using mouse and keyboard or touch. The current version released in late 2013, is built on the Bootstrap Framework 3.0. This offers significantly increased functionality including a layout responsive to a variety of screen sizes. It also offers a consistent experience across internet browsers. However, it does require a modern web browser (at the very minimum IE9). Internet Explorer 8 and below will automatically be re-routed to the 'fpnotebook.com\legacy' version (see below). A significant upgrade/optimization of the 2013 version is planned for first quarter of 2015.

The mobile version is optimized for handheld devices. Handheld users are automatically re-directed to this version when navigating to fpnotebook.com. Desktop users may also prefer this version for its simple interface.

The Iphone/Android Native Mobile Versions were released in July 2014. They contain identical information as the other versions of the website. Unlike the web based mobile version (described above), the native IOS and Android mobile versions allow for use without an internet connection. Unlike the website which is supported by advertisements, the Iphone/Android applications are supported by annual subscription. More information may be found here.

The legacy desktop version was released in 2010 to allow users with older web browsers (e.g. older than IE9) to continue to use the website. Content was updated on this legacy version until January 2023 when it was taken off line on migration of the website to Azure. Those users who are unable to view the main site with their browsers should try the mobile version.

The ad free version was discontinued in mid-2013 due to low usership and high maintenance costs. Other deprecated versions include a version for the Tomeraider reader, and a prior Pocket PC version.


Contact information is available on every page of the website, and may be found here. Errors, misinformation, usability recommendations - please send them via the contact form.