II. Approach: Measurement with Broselow Tape

  1. Patient lies supine (not sitting)
  2. Place the red arrow indicator of the Broselow Tape to the level of the top of the patient's head
  3. Unfold the Broselow Tape so that the patient's heels are in line with a color zone
  4. Use the identified color zone in the protocol below
  5. Adjustments
    1. Overweight
      1. May increase dose to next color zone (but dose airway equipment based on broselow length)
    2. Underweight
      1. May decrease length-based estimated dosing weight by 8-10%
  6. References
    1. Young (2016) Ann Emerg Med 68(4): 441-51 [PubMed]

III. Approach: Emergency Pediatric Dosing Weight Estimation

  1. Broselow Tape is preferred when available
  2. Parental estimate of child weight (best option without a measurement)
  3. Weight estimation based on age is inaccurate (esp. for age >10-12 years) but may be used in Resuscitation
    1. Estimated weight (in kg) = (2 * ageY) + 10

V. Resources

  1. PediStat
    1. Iphone/Android App - electronic Broselow Tape
    2. https://www.pedi-stat.com/

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