II. Precautions

  1. Check the kit periodically
  2. Do not remove your Emergency Kit from the car

III. Preparations: First Aid

IV. Preparations: Visibility equipment

  1. Road flares
  2. Large flashlight
  3. Fluorescent safety vest
  4. Bright colored cloth to tie on vehicle

V. Preparations: Survival equipment

  1. Cellular phone
  2. First Aid Kit
  3. Cool weather protection
    1. Blankets
    2. Warm Jacket
    3. Mittens, Hat and Scarf
    4. Sleeping Bag
    5. Ice and snow scraper
  4. Rain poncho
  5. Water proof boots
  6. Rope
  7. Duct tape
  8. Pocket lighter or waterproof matches
  9. Non-perishable food and water
    1. Dried fruit
    2. Granola bars
    3. Large bottled water

VI. Preparations: Tools

  1. Glass break tool (in glove box) in case of vehicle Submersion
  2. Screw drivers (e.g. interchangeable tips)
  3. Rubber hammer
  4. Jumper cables
  5. Work gloves
  6. Throw rug or old shower curtain
  7. Folding shovel
  8. Pliers
  9. Wheel Chock
  10. Penetrating oil (e.g. WD-40)
  11. Extra fuses
  12. Empty gas can
  13. Ice scraper and brush

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