II. Types: Packed Red Blood Cells (pRBC)

  1. See Blood Transfusion (pRBC, Packed Red Blood Cells)
  2. Contains 200-250 ml per unit
  3. Increases Hematocrit 3% per unit
  4. Increases Hemoglobin 1 gram/dl per unit
  5. Indication
    1. Hypovolemic shock despite 40 ml/kg crystalloid
    2. Coagulopathy

III. Types: Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP)

  1. See Plasma Transfusion (Fresh Frozen Plasma, FFP)
  2. Contains 200-250 ml per unit
    1. Contains all Clotting Factors
    2. Does not contain platelets
  3. Dosing: 10-15 ml/kg
  4. Increases Fibrinogen 7-10 mg/dl per unit

IV. Types: Cryoprecipitate

  1. See Cryoprecipitate
  2. Contains 50 ml/unit
    1. Contains Fibrinogen
    2. Contains Factors V, VIII, XIII, vWF
  3. Increases Fibrinogen 70 mg/dl in 70 kg/10 pack

V. Types: Platelets

  1. See Platelet Transfusion
  2. Contains 50 ml/unit
  3. Increases platelets 30,000/ul per 2.0 m2 BSA per 6 pack (one Platelet Apheresis Unit)

VI. Adverse Reactions

  1. See Transfusion Complication
  2. Hypothermia (warm Blood Products before infusion)
  3. Hypocalcemia
  4. Transfusion Reactions

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Ontology: Blood product (C0456388)

Definition (NCI) Any natural or synthetic composition that replicates the structure or function of a native component of blood.
Definition (HL7V3.0) <p>A manufactured product that is produced from the raw blood oi a donor with the intention of using it in a recipient transfusion.</p>
Concepts Pharmacologic Substance (T121)
SnomedCT 277048006, 30004009, 256364002, 410652009
LNC LP32805-1, LP32808-5
Spanish hemoderivado, hemoderivados, hemoderivados (calificador), hemoderivado (producto), hemoderivado (sustancia), producto derivado de la sangre (producto), producto derivado de la sangre
English Blood Product, Blood products, Blood product (general), blood products, blood product, Blood replenisher, Blood products (qualifier value), Blood replenisher, NOS, Blood product (substance), Blood product (product), Blood product