III. Equipment: Airway, Masks and Oxygen

  1. Bag-Valve Mask (2 bag sizes and 3 mask sizes)
  2. Nasal Airways and Oral Airways (one set each)
  3. Nasogastric Tube
  4. Portable suction device and catheters or bulb suction
  5. Pulse Oximeter
  6. Oxygen tank and flow meter
  7. Oxygen masks
    1. Nasal canula
    2. Simple Oxygen Mask (3 sizes)
    3. Non-Rebreather Mask (3 sizes)

IV. Equipment: Assessment Tools

  1. Blood Pressure cuffs (all cuff sizes)
  2. Glucose meter (and test strips, lancets, Alcohol swabs)
  3. Broselow Tape

V. Equipment: Cardiovascular

  1. Intraosseous Needle (18 gauge)
  2. IV catheter or butterfly (18 to 24g) with tubing
  3. Normal Saline
  4. Automatic External Defibrillator or cardiac monitor

VI. Equipment: Universal precautions

  1. Non-latex gloves
  2. Face Mask and Eye Protection

VII. Medications

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