II. Type: Intravenous Administration (Preferred)

  1. Follow drugs with 5 ml flush

III. Type: Intraosseous Administration

  1. Equivalent to IV dosing
  2. Preferable to ET dosing

IV. Type: Endotracheal route administered medications

  1. Medications (Mnemonic: LEAN)
    1. Lidocaine
    2. Epinephrine
    3. Atropine
    4. Naloxone
  2. Dosages
    1. Larger than conventional IV doses
      1. Standard IV dose should be minimum ET dose
  3. Administration
    1. Deliver beyond ET Tube into tracheobronchial tree
    2. Dilute medication to a volume of 3-5 ml NS
    3. Follow medication with Positive Pressure Ventilations

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