II. Preparations

  1. Packed Red Blood Cells are derived from whole blood by removing 250 ml plasma
  2. Most centers filter Leukocytes before storage
    1. Decreases Febrile Nonhemolytic Transfusion Reaction risk
    2. CMV-safe

III. Indications

  1. Acute Sickle Cell Crisis (CVA Prevention)
  2. Massive acute blood loss >1500 ml (30% of Blood Volume)
  3. Hemoglobin <7.0 g/dl and no serious comorbidity (and no ongoing bleeding)
  4. Hemoglobin <9.0 g/dl with serious comorbidity (e.g. cardiovascular disease, active bleeding)
  5. Symptomatic Anemia
    1. Severe Fatigue, weakness, or Dizziness
    2. Dyspnea
    3. Altered Level of Consciousness
    4. Angina
    5. Congestive Heart Failure
  6. Hospitalized patient criteria (per American Association of Blood Banks)
    1. Hemoglobin <7 mg/dl if hemodynamically stable (even if critically ill)
    2. Hemoglobin <8 mg/dl if orthopedic surgery, cardiac surgery or preexisting Coronary Artery Disease
    3. Unclear threshold for Acute Coronary Syndrome, severe Thrombocytopenia, chronic transfusion-dependent Anemia

IV. Labs

  1. Hemoglobin
    1. Expect one unit pRBC to raise Hemoglobin by 1 g/dl
  2. Hematocrit
    1. Expect one unit pRBC to raise Hematocrit by 3%

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Ontology: Blood Transfusion (C0005841)

Definition (NCI_NCI-GLOSS) The infusion of components of blood or whole blood into the bloodstream. The blood may be donated from another person, or it may have been taken from the person earlier and stored until needed.
Definition (NCI) The injection of whole blood or a blood component directly into the bloodstream.
Definition (MSH) The introduction of whole blood or blood component directly into the blood stream. (Dorland, 27th ed)
Definition (CSP) introduction of whole blood or blood component directly into the blood stream.
Concepts Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure (T061)
MSH D001803
SnomedCT 233557002, 151000002, 266806005, 180209006, 116859006
CPT 36430
LNC LP32812-7, LP34333-2, MTHU020992, LA9940-3, LA21147-6
English Blood Transfusions, Transfusions, Blood, Transfusion, Blood, Transfusion, blood transfusion (treatment), blood transfusion, Transfusion of Blood Products, blood transfusions, Transfusion of blood, Blood transfusion (& cell) (procedure), Cell -blood-transfusion, Blood transfusion (procedure), Blood transfusion (& cell), Transfusion - blood, Blood cell transfusion, blood transfusion (___ ml), Transfusions, Blood--Transfusion, transfusion, Blood Transfusion(s), Blood transfusion, BT - Blood transfusion, Transfusion (Blood), Blood Component Transfusion, Blood Transfusion, Transfusion, blood NOS
Dutch bloedtransfusie, Bloedtransfusie
German Vollbluttransfusion, Bluttransfusion, Blutübertragung
Portuguese Transfusão de sangue, Transfusão Sanguínea, Transfusão de Sangue
Spanish Transfusión sanguínea, Transfusión Sanguínea
Swedish Blodtransfusion
Japanese ユケツ, 輸血
Czech krevní transfúze, Krevní transfuze, transfuze krve
Finnish Verensiirto
French Transfusion de sang, Transfusion sanguine
Italian Trasfusioni di sangue, Trasfusione di sangue
Polish Przetaczanie krwi, Transfuzja krwi
Hungarian Vérátömlesztés
Norwegian Blodoverføring, Blodoverføringer, Blodtransfusjon, Blodtransfusjoner