II. Indications

  1. Colorectal Liver Metastases (Palliative Care)

III. Mechanism

  1. Fluorinated Pyrimidine Antimetabolite Chemotherapy with antineoplastic activity
  2. Analog of FUDR-MP
    1. Inhibits thymidylate synthase, blocking DNA synthesis
  3. Also metabolized to Fluorouracil
    1. As a uracil analog, Fluorouracil inhibits RNA synthesis

IV. Medications

  1. Floxuridine IV Solution
    1. Available in 0.5 g vials of lyophilized powder for reconstitution

V. Dosing

  1. See other references for disease specific dosing protocols
  2. Colorectal Liver Metastases
    1. Administered by infusion pump via intrahepatic artery

VI. Adverse Effects

  1. Myelosuppression
  2. Nephrotoxicity
  3. Hepatotoxicity
  4. Alopecia

VII. Safety

  1. Avoid in Lactation
  2. Avoid in pregnancy (all trimesters)
    1. Use reliable Contraception
  3. Monitoring
    1. Complete Blood Count
    2. Liver Function Tests
    3. Renal Function tests

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