II. Labs: Markers of liver function and Protein synthesis

III. Labs: Markers of hepatocellular disease

  1. Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT)
    1. Most specific for hepatocyte injury
  2. Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST)
    1. Less specific than ALT (present outside liver)
  3. AST to ALT ratio
    1. Most liver conditions (e.g. NASH): Ratio <1
    2. Alcoholism: Ratio >2
    3. Wilson's Disease >4
  4. Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH)
    1. Least specific for hepatocyte injury
    2. Dramatically increased in ischemic hepatitis
    3. Increased with alk phos in liver metastases

IV. Labs: Markers of cholestasis

V. Labs: Disease specific markers

  1. Definite value
    1. Viral Hepatitis Serology
    2. Iron studies
    3. Ceruloplasmin (Wilson's Disease)
  2. Limited value: Anti-Smooth Muscle Ab
    1. Antimitochondrial Antibody
    2. Alpha-1 antitrypsin

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Ontology: Liver Function Tests (C0023901)

Definition (NCI) The examination of the function of the liver using biochemical tests, radiologic procedures, or liver tissue samples.
Definition (NCI_NCI-GLOSS) A blood test to measure the blood levels of certain substances released by the liver. A high or low level of certain substances can be a sign of liver disease.
Definition (NCI) The quantitative measurement of liver enzymes in the blood, which is useful in assessing the functional state of a patient's liver. Liver function tests include the measurement of albumin, alanine transaminase, aspartate transaminase, alkaline phosphatase, bilirubin, and gamma glutamyl transferase.
Concepts Laboratory Procedure (T059)
MSH D008111
SnomedCT 166601004, 166609002, 269992001, 166607000, 143920004, 143927001, 143929003, 26958001, 271552009
English Function Test, Liver, Function Tests, Liver, Liver Function Tests, Test, Liver Function, Tests, Liver Function, Liver function tests, Liver function tests NOS, hepatic function panel, hepatic function panel (lab test), Liver function analyses, LFTs, LFT, Liver Function Test, Liver Study, liver function tests, liver testing, Test;liver function, liver panel, liver studies, liver study, function hepatic panel, liver panels, test liver function, liver tests, liver function test, liver test, Liver function tests (& [general]), Liver function tests (& general), Liver function tests (& [general]) (procedure), Liver function tests (procedure), Liver function tests (& general) (procedure), Liver function tests NOS (procedure), Hepatic function panel, LFT - Liver function test, Liver function test, Liver function tests - general, Hepatic function panel (procedure), Liver funct. test -gen., Liver function tests - general (procedure), LFT's
Italian Analisi di funzionalità epatica, Prove di funzionalità epatica NAS, Prove di funzionalità epatica
Dutch leverfunctietests NAO, leverfunctietests, leverfunctieanalyse, leverfunctietest, Leverfunctie-onderzoek, Leverfunctie-tests, Onderzoek, leverfunctie-
French TFH, Tests hépatiques SAI, Tests hépatiques, Tests de la fonction hépatique, Exploration fonctionnelle hépatique, Tests fonctionnels hépatiques, Tests d'exploration de la fonction hépatique, Explorations fonctionnelles hépatiques, Test de la fonction hépatique
German Leberfunktionstests NNB, LFTs, Leberfunktionsanalysen, Leberfunktionstest, Funktionstests, Leber-, Leberfunktionstests
Portuguese Provas funcionais do fígado, Provas da função hepática NE, Análises da função hepática, Prova da função hepática, Testes de Função Hepática
Spanish Pruebas de función hepática, PFH, Pruebas funcionales hepáticas NEOM, Liver function tests NOS, pruebas de función hepática, SAI (procedimiento), pruebas de función hepática, SAI, Tests de Función del Hígado, grupo de pruebas de la función hepática (procedimiento), grupo de pruebas de la función hepática, perfil de función hepática, pruebas de función hepática - general (procedimiento), pruebas de función hepática - general, Análisis de la función hepática, Prueba de función hepática, Pruebas de Función Hepática
Japanese 肝機能検査NOS, 肝機能検査, カンキノウケンサNOS, カンキノウケンサ
Swedish Leverfunktionstester
Czech játra - funkční testy, Funkční jaterní testy NOS, Funkční jaterní testy, Funkční jaterní test, Vyšetření funkce jater
Finnish Maksan toimintakokeet
Polish Próby czynnościowe wątroby
Hungarian Májfunkciós vizsgálat, Májfunkciós vizsgálatok k.m.n., Májfunkció kiértékelések, LFT (Májfunkciós vizsgálatok), Májfunkciós vizsgálatok
Norwegian Leverfunksjonstester