III. Pharmacology

  1. Imidazolyl derivative of Mercaptopurine
    1. Metabolized to Mercaptopurine as active ingredient
  2. Structural Analogue Chemotherapy (Purine)

IV. Adverse Effects (similar to Mercaptopurine)

  1. Bone Marrow suppression
    1. Severe Leukopenia
    2. Anemia
    3. Thrombocytopenia
  2. Skin rash
  3. Drug Fever
  4. Nausea, Vomiting or Diarrhea
  5. Hepatic dysfunction (cholestasis, hepatitis)
  6. Pancreatitis

V. Drug Interactions

  1. See Cytochrome P-450 3A4
  2. See Purine Synthesis Inhibitor
  3. Allopurinol may increase Azathioprine to toxic levels

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