II. Indications

  1. Clean, closed Fracture site
  2. Fracture sites where Hematoma Block used
    1. Distal Radius Fracture
    2. Phalanx Fracture
    3. Ankle Fracture (by orthopedics)

III. Contraindications

  1. Contaminated area or open Fracture
  2. Young children

IV. Protocol

  1. Clean and prep area with Betadine or Hibiclens
  2. Identify Hematoma by aspirating blood
    1. Flash back of blood from Fracture site usually seen
  3. Inject Lidocaine 1-2% without Epinephrine into Fracture site
  4. Aspirate blood from Fracture site after injection
  5. Reinject with aspirated fluid a few times
    1. Blood Volume aspirated equals initial Lidocaine vol.

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