II. Indications

  1. Prevention or Treatment of Hypertrophic Scar or Keloid

III. Contraindications

  1. Open wound

IV. Mechanism

  1. Softens and flattens scar via Occlusion

V. Preparations

  1. Kelo-cote
  2. ScarAway

VI. Technique

  1. Start once wound closure has occurred (3-4 weeks after injury)
  2. Use gels on the face and extensor surfaces (knees and elbows) and sheets on larger flat areas of closed skin
  3. Cut sheeting 1-2 cm larger than involved area
  4. Wash the sheet and the scar with soap and water daily between applications
  5. Apply directly over wound and leave in place for 12-24 hours per day for 2-3 months
    1. Example: Start Day 28 for 3 months after wound closure
    2. Longer use beyond 3 months does not improve outcomes

VII. Advantages

  1. Simple and painless with few adverse effects
  2. Consider in children intolerant to local steroid

VIII. Efficacy

  1. Reduces hardness, Hyperpigmentation, elevation and Pruritus associated with scar
    1. Does not eliminate scar
  2. Improves >80% of Keloids

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