II. Pathophysiology

  1. Immunoglobulin E (IgE) Antibody mediated reaction

III. Causes

  1. pRBC Transfusion (0.4% of transfusions)
  2. Platelet Transfusion (4.1% of transfusions)

IV. Presentations

  1. Isolated skin involvement (mild)
  2. Anaphylaxis or Angioedema (severe)
    1. Incidence: 8 per 100,000 units Blood Product transfused

V. Signs

  1. Onset of reaction during transfusion or within 4 hours of transfusion

VI. Management

  1. See Anaphylaxis
  2. Consider testing for IgA or Haptoglobin deficiency
    1. Associated with severe reactions including Anaphylaxis to Transfusion

VII. Prevention

  1. Washing and volume reduction of Blood Product prior to transfusion
  2. Strategies that have not been found effective
    1. Pretreatment prior to transfusion (e.g. Antihistamines, Glucocorticoids)

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