II. See Also

III. Indications

  1. See Erythropoietin
  2. Anemia of Chronic Renal Failure (Hemoglobin <10 g/dl)
  3. Not FDA approved for use in cancer patients

IV. Contraindications

V. Mechanism

VI. Precautions

  1. Not a substitute for Blood Products in acute severe, symptomatic Anemia
  2. Avoid Hemoglobin targets above 11 g/dl (higher risk of cardiovascular and thrombotic events)
    1. Use the lowest effective dose
  3. Iron Supplementation if needed
    1. Check for Iron Deficiency before administration

VII. Medications

  1. Available in single-dose prefilled syringes 30 to 360 mcg

VIII. Dosing: Adult

  1. Start 0.6 mcg/kg IV or SQ every 2 weeks
  2. Indicated for Hemoglobin <10 g/dl
  3. Stop if Hemoglobin >10 g/dl (or >11 g/dl if on Hemodialysis)

IX. Dosing: Child

  1. See other references (see resources below)
  2. Dose is based on conversion of stable Hemoglobin on other Erythropoietin product to Mircera
  3. Every 4 week dosing

X. Adverse Effects

XI. Safety

  1. Unknown safety in pregnancy
  2. Unknown safety in Lactation

XII. Resources

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