II. Labs: Findings suggestive of Medication-Induced Hypocalcemia

  1. Serum Calcium Decreased
    1. Hypocalcemia diagnosed with either Corrected Serum Calcium (for Serum Albumin) or with Ionized Calcium
  2. Parathyroid Hormone increased
    1. Secondary Hyperparathyroidism as a reflex response to Hypocalcemia
  3. Serum Phosphate decreased

III. Causes

  1. Blood Transfusion (related to citrate)
  2. EDTA
  3. Protamine
  4. Ethylene Glycol
  5. Gentamycin
  6. Colchicine
  7. Mithramycin
  8. cis-platinum
  9. Bisphosphonates
  10. Anticonvulsants (Dilantin, Phenobarbital)

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