III. Causes: Plant Toxins

  1. Mushrooms
    1. See Mushroom Poisoning
    2. Amanita muscaria and pantherina (Anticholinergic)
    3. Inocybe and Clitocybe species (parasympathetic)
    4. Coprinus atramentarius (Antabuse-like Alcohol effect)
    5. Psilcybe (Hallucinogen)
    6. Gyromitra esculenta or false morel: severe Neurotoxin
    7. Amanita phalloides (severe hepatotoxicity)
  2. Jamaican Vomiting Sickness
    1. Related to unripe ackee fruit ingestion
    2. Results in Reye's Syndrome type condition
  3. Chickpea (Lathyrism)
    1. Condition seen in Europe and India
  4. Khat
    1. Shrub in east africa and Yemen
    2. Leaves chewed for Amphetamine-like affect
    3. Central stimulant and Sympathomimetic effects
  5. Spanish Rapeseed oil (contains oleyl anilide)
  6. Plants with Depressants
    1. Toxins: Andromedotoxin, Veratrine, Solanine, Taxine
    2. Death Cama
    3. Lambkill
    4. Sheep laurel and mountain laurel
    5. Calico bush
  7. Plants with Convulsants
    1. Cicuta species (include North American Water Hemlock)
    2. Chinaberry
    3. Moonseed
    4. Pinkroot
    5. Carolina allspice

IV. Causes: Bacterial Toxins

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