II. Indications

  1. Chemical Weapon Exposure
  2. Toxin Exposure

III. Precautions

  1. Rescuers should wear full Personal Protective Equipment

IV. Protocol: Step 1 - Removal of contaminated clothing and triage

V. Protocol: Step 2 - Physical Removal of contaminant within 1-2 minutes

  1. Preferred method for Decontamination: Shower
    1. Immediate rinsing with copious water and soap
  2. Alternatives if water not available or limited
    1. Dry powder: Soap detergent, earth, flour
    2. Wipe with wet tissue paper

VI. Protocol: Step 3 - Decontamination Agents

  1. M291 Resin Kit for spot Decontamination of skin
    1. Wallet of 6 individual Decontamination packets
    2. Pads impregnated with Ambergard XE-555 Resin
    3. Pad scrubbed over contaminated skin
      1. Absorbs chemical agent with carbonaceous material
      2. Ion exchange resin neutralizes agent
  2. Hypochlorite 0.5% (1:9 dilution of 5% bleach)
    1. Do not use full strength Hypochlorite (5%)
    2. Full strength increases toxicity and lowers LD50

VII. Protocol: Other Measures

  1. Eye Irrigation for chemical eye burn
  2. Eye Irrigation until Eye pH 7 with water or saline

VIII. Protocol: Certification of Decontamination

  1. M-8 Paper
  2. M-9 Tape
  3. M256A1 Ticket
  4. Chemical Agent Monitor (CAM)

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