II. Pathophysiology

III. Signs

  1. General
    1. Focal neurologic deficits
    2. Prolonged coma
  2. Brainstem Contusion
    1. Decerebrate rigidity
    2. Unequal dilated pupils
    3. Coma

IV. Imaging

  1. CT Head (at presention and repeated in 12 hours)
    1. Cerebral Necrosis
    2. Edema
    3. Intraparenchymal Hemorrhage

V. Management

  1. Emergent Neurosurgical Consultation

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Ontology: Brain Contusion (C0149844)

Concepts Injury or Poisoning (T037)
MSH D001930
SnomedCT 34663006
English Brain Contusions, Contusion, Brain, Contusions, Brain, contusion brain, of brain contusion, contusion of brain, brain contusions, brain contusion, Brain contusion, Contusion of brain (diagnosis), head injury contusion of brain, Contusion of brain, Contusional brain injury, Contusion of brain (disorder), brain; contusion, contusion; brain, Contusion of brain, NOS, Brain Contusion
Italian Contusione cerebrale, Contusione del cervello
Japanese 脳挫傷, ノウザショウ
Portuguese Contusão Encefálica, Contusão cerebral
Spanish Contusión Encefálica, conmoción encefálica (trastorno), conmoción encefálica, contusión encefálica (trastorno), contusión encefálica, Contusión cerebral
German Hirnkontusion, Hirnprellung
Czech Kontuze mozku, mozek - pohmoždění
French Contusion de l'encéphale, Contusion cérébrale, Contusion encéphalique
Hungarian Contusio cerebri
Norwegian Hjernekontusjon
Dutch contusie; hersenen, hersenen; contusie, hersencontusie, Hersencontusie