II. Definitions

  1. Diptera
    1. Biting 2 winged Insect
    2. Includes Mosquito, Gnat, Fly, and Midge

III. Types

  1. Mosquito
    1. See Mosquito
  2. Biting Midge (no-see-ums, sand flies)
    1. Attack in areas of low light without wind
  3. Gnats
    1. Attack at hairline
    2. Active during moist times (early spring)
  4. Flies
    1. Black Fly
      1. Bite during day near streams (and attracted to dark moving objects)
      2. Disease vector for Onchocerciasis (Africa)
    2. Horse Fly, Deer Fly or Gadfly
      1. Bite on warm, cloudy days
    3. Louse Fly
    4. Sand Fly (small, moth-like Insects)
      1. Bite at night in damp areas
      2. Disease vector for Leishmaniasis (Southern U.S., Central and South America, Asia and Africa)
    5. Snipe Fly
      1. Bite during daytime
      2. Risk of severe Allergic Reaction (Western U.S.)
    6. Stable Fly (appear similar to house fly)
      1. Bite during daytime (especially during thunder storms)
    7. Tsetse Fly
      1. Bite during daytime even through clothing
      2. Disease vector for African trypanosomiasis

IV. Management

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