II. Pathophysiology

  1. Transmission
    1. Fleas have no wings and move by jumping
  2. Dog or cat fleas (Ctenocephalides )
    1. Fleas jump from their typical hosts (dogs and cats) to humans to inflict their bites
  3. Human fleas (Pulex irritans)
    1. Associated with unsanitary conditions and poor hygiene

III. Associated Conditions: Diseases for which fleas are vectors

IV. Signs

  1. Pruritic Papules
  2. Distribution
    1. Ankles most commonly affected

V. Management

VI. Prevention

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Ontology: Fleas (C0016228)

Definition (MSH) An order of parasitic, blood-sucking, wingless INSECTS with the common name of fleas.
Definition (CSP) fleas are small and wingless; usually are ectoparasites on birds or mammals; adults feed on the blood of the host and lay eggs in the host or the dirt of the host nest.
Concepts Eukaryote (T204)
MSH D005423
SnomedCT 106803009, 87052000
English Aphaniptera, Fleas, Order siphonaptera - flea (organism), Order siphonaptera - flea, Order Siphonaptera (organism), Order Siphonaptera, Siphonapteras, Aphanipteras, Siphonaptera, fleas, flea, siphonaptera, Flea (organism), Order: Siphonaptera, Flea, NOS, Flea
Spanish orden Siphonaptera, orden siphonaptera - pulga, orden Siphonaptera (organismo), orden siphonaptera - pulga (organismo), Pulgas, Siphonaptera, pulga (concepto no activo), pulga, orden: Siphonaptera, Aphaniptera
French Aphaniptères, Puces, Siphonaptères, Siphonaptera, Aphaniptera
Swedish Loppor
Finnish Kirput
Japanese ノミ目, 隠翅目, のみ目, ノミ, ノミ類, , 蚤目
Italian Afanittera, Aphaniptera, Sifonatteri, Pulci, Siphonaptera
Czech Siphonaptera, Aphaniptera, blechy
Portuguese Sifonápteros, Pulgas, Afanópteros, Afanípteros, Siphonaptera, Aphaniptera
Polish Aphaniptera, Pchły
Norwegian Siphonaptera, Aphaniptera, Lopper
German Aphaniptera, Siphonaptera, Flöhe
Dutch Aphaniptera, Siphonaptera, Vlo, Vlooien

Ontology: Flea bites (C0417742)

Concepts Injury or Poisoning (T037)
SnomedCT 242633002, 367138009, 217707003, 210984001, 242641002, 262551003
English Flea bite NOS, bitten by fleas (history), bitten by fleas, flea bite, Flea bites, Flea bite, flea bites, Flea Bites, Flea bite NOS (event), Flea bites (disorder), Bite of Syphonaptera species, Bite of flea, Flea bite NOS (finding), Flea bites (finding), Bite of Syphonaptera species (finding), Flea bites (event), Bite of Syphonaptera species (event)
Spanish picaduras de pulga (evento), Picadura de pulga, picadura de especias de Syphonaptera (hallazgo), picaduras de pulga (hallazgo), mordedura de pulga, SAI (hallazgo), mordedura de pulga, SAI (evento), mordedura de pulga, SAI, picadura de especie de Syphonaptera, picadura de especias de Syphonaptera (evento), picadura de especias de Syphonaptera, picadura de especie de Syphonaptera (evento), picaduras de pulga
Dutch vlooienbeet
French Piqûre de puce
German Flohbiss
Italian Morso di pulce
Portuguese Mordedura de pulga
Japanese ノミ咬傷, ノミコウショウ
Czech Bleší kousnutí
Hungarian Bolhacsípés