II. Indication

  1. Syphilis Detection

IV. Efficacy: Test Sensitivity to untreated Syphilis

  1. Primary Stage (Chancre stage)
    1. After one week: 30%
    2. After three weeks: 90%
  2. Secondary Stage: 100%
  3. Tertiary Stage: 90%
  4. Latent Stage: may be unreactive

V. Interpretation: Negative

  1. Normal

VI. Interpretation: Positive

  1. See Syphilis False Positive Test
  2. Syphilis RPR positive test will be returned with titer (e.g. 1:16)
    1. After treatment, by 6 months, RPR should fall by a factor of 4 (e.g. 1:4)
    2. On subsequent infection, expect the RPR titer to once again rise

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