II. Mechanism

  1. Some Bacteria reduce nitrates to nitrites

III. Efficacy

IV. Normal

  1. Negative

VI. Causes of false positive nitrite on Urinalysis

  1. Vaginal contaminant
  2. Phenazopyridine
  3. Dipstick exposed to air
    1. Close test strip containers immediately
    2. Strip exposed to air for 1 week: 33% false positive
    3. Strip exposed to air for 2 weeks: 75% false positive

VII. Causes of false negative nitrite on Urinalysis

  1. Increased Urine Specific Gravity
  2. Increased Urobilinogen
  3. Bacteria lacking nitrate reductase enzyme
  4. Urine pH <6.0
  5. Vitamin C supplementation
  6. Low nitrate diet

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