II. Causes: Hyperglycemia Causes of Glucose in urine

III. Causes: Renal Causes of Glucose in the urine

  1. Signs suggestive of Renal Tubular disease
    1. Serum Glucose <180 mg/dl
    2. Glucose Tolerance Tests are normal
    3. Ketosis absent
  2. Specific Causes
    1. Fanconi's Syndrome
    2. Toxic renal tubular disease
      1. Lead Toxicity
      2. Mercury Toxicity
      3. Degraded Tetracycline
    3. Inflammatory renal disease
      1. Acute Glomerulonephritis
      2. Nephrosis
    4. Increased GFR without tubular damage

IV. Causes: False PositiveGlucose on Urinalysis

V. Causes: False NegativeGlucose on Urinalysis

  1. Increased specific gravity
  2. Uric Acid
  3. Vitamin C

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Ontology: Glycosuria (C0017979)

Definition (CSP) presence of glucose in the urine, especially the excretion of an abnormally large amount of sugar (glucose) in the urine.
Definition (MSH) The appearance of an abnormally large amount of GLUCOSE in the urine, such as more than 500 mg/day in adults. It can be due to HYPERGLYCEMIA or genetic defects in renal reabsorption (RENAL GLYCOSURIA).
Concepts Finding (T033)
MSH D006029
ICD9 791.5
ICD10 R81
SnomedCT 207320006, 144504009, 167268008, 158574007, 167519007, 45154002
English Glycosuria, GLYCOSURIA, SUGAR URINARY, [D]Glycosuria, [D]Glycosuria (context-dependent category), Urine glucose, glycosuria (diagnosis), glycosuria, Urine sugar positive, Sugar urinary present, Sugar urinary, Sugar in urine, Glycosuria [Disease/Finding], sugar urine, urine glucose, glucosuria, sugars urine, urinary sugar, sugar in urine, sugar urinary, urine sugar, Glucose urine present, [D]Glycosuria (situation), Sugars in urine, Glucosuria, Glycosuria (finding), sugar; urine, urine; sugar
French GLYCOSURIE, Glucose présent dans l'urine, Sucre urinaire positif, Sucre dans les urines, Sucre urinaire, PRESENCE DE SUCRE DANS LES URINES, Glucosurie, Présence de glucose dans l'urine, Glycosurie
Portuguese GLICOSURIA, Açúcar presente na urina, Açúcar urinário, Açúcar na urina positivo, Açúcar na urina, PRESENCA DE ACUCAR NA URINA, Glucosúria, Presença de glucose na urina, Glicosúria
Spanish GLUCOSURIA, Azucar en orina, Presencia de azucar en orina, Azúcar en orina positivo, [D]glucosuria (categoría dependiente del contexto), AZUCAR EN ORINA, [D]glucosuria, [D]glucosuria (situación), glucosuria (hallazgo), glucosuria, Presencia de glucosuria, Glucosuria
German GLYKOSURIE, Zucher im Urin nachweisbar, Urinzucker positiv, Zucker im Urin, Zucher im Urin, GLUKOSURIE, Glucosurie, Glukose im Urin nachweisbar, Glukosurie, Glykosurie
Dutch suiker urinair, urine suiker positief, suiker in urine, suiker urinair aanwezig, glycosurie, suiker; urine, urine; suiker, glucose urine aanwezig, glucosurie, Glucosurie, Glycosurie
Japanese 尿糖, 糖尿, 尿糖陽性, 尿中ブドウ糖陽性, トウニョウ, ニョウチュウブドウトウヨウセイ, ニョウトウ, ニョウトウヨウセイ
Swedish Socker i urin
Czech glykosurie, Cukr v moči, Glykosurie, Cukr v moči pozitivní, Glukóza v moči přítomná, Cukr v moči přítomný, Glukosurie
Finnish Glukosuria
Korean 당뇨
Italian Glucosio urinario presente, Zuccheri nell'urina, Zuccheri urinari positivo, Zuccheri nelle urine, Zuccheri urinari presenti, Glicosuria
Polish Cukromocz, Glikozuria
Hungarian glycosuria, Cukor vizeletben, Cukor vizeletben kimutatható, Glükozuria, Glükóz vizeletben kimutatható, Cukor vizelet, Vizelet cukor pozitív
Norwegian Glykosuri, Glukosuri