II. Findings

III. Renal Threshold

  1. Normal: 100 mg/dl plasma

IV. Causes

  1. Pyelonephritis
  2. Hematuria (Red Blood Cells present in urine)
  3. Hemolytic Anemia Causes
  4. False Positive Occult test
    1. Urine Pus
    2. Iodides
    3. Bromides

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Ontology: Hemoglobinuria (C0019048)

Definition (NCI_CTCAE) A disorder characterized by laboratory test results that indicate the presence of free hemoglobin in the urine.
Definition (NCI) A laboratory test result which indicates free hemoglobin in the urine.
Definition (CSP) presence of free hemoglobin in the urine.
Definition (MSH) The presence of free HEMOGLOBIN in the URINE, indicating hemolysis of ERYTHROCYTES within the vascular system. After saturating the hemoglobin-binding proteins (HAPTOGLOBINS), free hemoglobin begins to appear in the urine.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D006456
ICD9 791.2
ICD10 R82.3
SnomedCT 207317003, 158571004, 68600005
English [D]Hemoglobinuria (context-dependent category), Hemoglobin uria, [D]Haemoglobinuria, [D]Hemoglobinuria, Hemoglobinuria, hemoglobinuria (diagnosis), hemoglobinuria, Haemoglobin uria, Hemoglobinuria [Disease/Finding], haemoglobinuria, hemoglobin uria, hemoglobin positive urine, [D]Haemoglobinuria (situation), [D]Hemoglobinuria (situation), Haemoglobinuria, Hemoglobinuria (finding), Hemoglobinuria, NOS, Haemoglobinuria, NOS
Dutch hemoglobine uria, hemoglobinurie, Hemoglobinurie
French Urée-hémoglobine, Hémoglobinurie
German Haemoglobinuria, Haemoglobinurie, Hämoglobinurie
Italian Emoglobina nell'urina, Presenza di emoglobina nell'urina, Emoglobinuria
Japanese ヘモグロビン尿, ヘモグロビンニョウ
Swedish Hemoglobinuri
Spanish [D]hemoglobinuria (categoría dependiente del contexto), [D]hemoglobinuria, [D]hemoglobinuria (situación), hemoglobinuria (hallazgo), hemoglobinuria, Hemoglobinuria
Czech hemoglobinurie, Hemoglobinurie
Finnish Hemoglobinuria
Korean 혈색소뇨증
Polish Hemoglobinuria
Hungarian Haemoglobinuria, haemoglobinuria
Norwegian Hemoglobinuri
Portuguese Hemoglobinúria, Hemoglobinuria