II. Types

  1. Calcium oxalate crystals (square envelope shape)
  2. Triple phosphate crystals (coffin lid shape)
    1. Associated with increased Urine pH (alkaline)
    2. Associated with Proteus Urinary Tract Infection
  3. Uric Acid crystals (diamond shape)
  4. Cystine crystals (hexagonal shape)

III. Causes: Birefringent Crystals on Polarized Microscopy

  1. Monohydrated Calcium oxalate
  2. Uric Acid
  3. Triple Phosphate

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Ontology: Crystalluria (C0151579)

Concepts Laboratory or Test Result (T034)
ICD10 R82.99
SnomedCT 207328004, 46784006
English CRYSTALLURIA, URINARY CRYSTALS, [D]Crystalluria, [D]Crystalluria (context-dependent category), Urinary crystal, Urinary crystals, crystal urine, urinary crystals, crystalluria, crystals urine, urine crystal, Crystal urine, [D]Crystalluria (situation), Crystal in urine, Crystalluria, Crystalluria (finding), Urinary crystal, NOS
Italian Cristalli nell'urina, Cristalluria, Cristalli urinari
Dutch urinaire kristalen, kristal urine, kristalurie
French Cristaux urinaires, CRISTALLURIE, CRISTAUX URINAIRES, Cristallurie, Cristaux dans l'urine
German Kristalle im Urin, HARNKRISTALLE, KRISTALLURIE, Kristallurie, Krystall im Urin
Portuguese Cristais urinários, CRISTAIS URINARIOS, CRISTALURIA, Cristias na urina, Cristalúria
Spanish Cristales urinarios, [D]cristaluria (categoría dependiente del contexto), CRISTALES EN ORINA, CRISTALURIA, [D]cristaluria, [D]cristaluria (situación), cristal urinario, cristaluria (hallazgo), cristaluria, Cristales en orina, Cristaluria
Japanese 結晶尿, 尿中結晶, ケッショウニョウ, ニョウチュウケッショウ
Czech Močové krystaly, Krystal močový, Krystalurie
Hungarian Vizeletkristály, Vizelet kristályok, crystalluria

Ontology: Urine microscopy: crystals - finding (C1287304)

Concepts Laboratory or Test Result (T034)
SnomedCT 365688004
English Urine microscopy: crystals NOS, Finding of urine microscopy: crystals, Urine microscopy: crystals, Finding of urine microscopy: crystals (finding), Urine microscopy: crystals - finding
Spanish examen microscópico de orina: cristales - hallazgo (hallazgo), examen microscópico de orina: cristales - hallazgo