II. Indications

  1. Total Testosterone decreased
  2. Altered sex-Hormone binding globulin (SHBG)
    1. Low SHBG
      1. Obesity
      2. Type II Diabetes
      3. Hypothyroidism
    2. High SHBG
      1. Older age patient

III. Labs: Normal Levels

  1. Male: 100 to 680 pg/ml
  2. Female: 3 to 22 pg/ml

IV. Labs: Calculation of Testosterone Free Index (TFI)

  1. TFI = (Total Testosterone / SHBG) x100

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Ontology: Free testosterone (C0443483)

Concepts Hormone (T125) , Steroid (T110)
SnomedCT 259355006
LNC LP18811-7, MTHU005045
English free testosterone, testosterone free, Free testosterone, Testosterone.free, Free testosterone (substance)
Spanish testosterona libre (sustancia), testosterona libre