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Ontology: Endocrine system (C0014136)

Definition (MSHCZE) Systém žláz, které uvolňují výměšky (hormony) přímo do oběhového systému. Kromě ENDOKRINNÍCH ŽLÁZ sem patří i CHROMAFINNÍ SYSTÉM a NEUROSEKREČNÍ SYSTÉMY.
Definition (NCI_NCI-GLOSS) A system of glands and cells that make hormones that are released directly into the blood and travel to tissues and organs all over the body. The endocrine system controls growth, sexual development, sleep, hunger, and the way the body uses food.
Definition (NCI) Collective designation for those tissues capable of secreting hormones.
Definition (MSH) The system of glands that release their secretions (hormones) directly into the circulatory system. In addition to the ENDOCRINE GLANDS, included are the CHROMAFFIN SYSTEM and the NEUROSECRETORY SYSTEMS.
Definition (CSP) ductless glands that secrete substances which are released directly into the circulation and which influence metabolism and other body functions.
Concepts Body System (T022)
MSH D004703
SnomedCT 113331007
LNC LP31396-2, LP7203-5, MTHU001408
English Endocrine System, Endocrine Systems, System, Endocrine, Systems, Endocrine, Endocrine structure (body structure), Endocrine structure, Structure of endocrine system, Structure of endocrine system (body structure), Systema endocrinum, Endocrine, endocrine systems, endocrine system, endocrine glands system, endocrine gland/system, Endocrine system structure, Endocrine system, Body System, Endocrine/Metabolic, Endocrine/Metabolic Body System, Hormonal System, Organ System, Endocrine/Metabolic, Endocrine/Metabolic Organ System, Metabolic/Endocrine Body System
Swedish Endokrina systemet
Czech endokrinní systém
Finnish Umpieritysjärjestelmä
Latvian Endokrīnā sistēma
Polish Układ wewnątrzwydzielniczy, Układ endokrynny, Układ wydzielania wewnętrznego
Norwegian Endokrine system, Hormonsystemet, Hormonene
Spanish estructura del sistema endocrino (estructura corporal), estructura del sistema endocrino, sistema endocrino, Sistema Endocrino
French Système endocrine, Système endocrinien
German Endokrines System
Italian Sistema endocrino
Dutch Endocrien systeem, Systeem, endocrien
Portuguese Sistema Endócrino