II. Interpretation: Normal

  1. Negative

III. Interpretation: Positive (Urine Dipstick with blood)

  1. Dipstick blood must be confirmed with microscopic exam
  2. See Microscopic Hematuria for confirmatory exam
    1. Diagnosis of Microscopic Hematuria: 3 RBCs/hpf

IV. Causes: False Positive occult blood on Urine Dipstick

  1. Dehydration
  2. Exercise
  3. Hemoglobinuria
  4. Myoglobinuria
  5. Non-urinary tract blood source (e.g. Menses)
  6. Alkalotic urine (pH >9)

V. Causes: False Negative occult blood on Urine Dipstick

  1. Captopril
  2. Vitamin C supplementation
  3. Increased Urine Specific Gravity
  4. Urine pH 5.0 or less
  5. Proteinuria

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