II. Causes: Estimate daily volume of Sputum

III. Causes: Sputum Color

  1. Bloody Sputum (Hemoptysis)
  2. Rusty sputum (Prune-juice)
    1. Pneumococcal Pneumonia
  3. Purulent Sputum (yellow, green, dirty-gray)
    1. Color alone does not distinguish Bacterial Infection

IV. Causes: Sputum Turbidity

  1. Frothy Sputum (air bubbles, Hemoglobin)
    1. Pulmonary Edema
  2. Foamy, clear material
    1. Saliva
    2. Nasal secretions

V. Causes: Sputum Viscosity

  1. Bloody Gelatinous Sputum (Currant Jelly Sputum)
    1. KlebsiellaPneumonia
    2. Pneumococcal Pneumonia
  2. Stringy Mucoid Sputum (may also appear frothy)
    1. Follows Asthma Exacerbation
  3. Cloudy, mucoid Sputum
    1. Chronic Bronchitis
  4. Three layered appearance (stagnant, Purulent Sputum)
    1. Bronchiectasis
    2. Lung Abscess

VI. Causes: Sputum with Feculent Odor

  1. Anaerobic infection
  2. Bronchiectasis

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