II. Characteristics

  1. Facultative Anaerobic Gram Negative Rods

III. Genus: Vibrio (motile with single polar flagellum)

  1. Vibrio Cholerae
  2. Vibrio parahaemolyticus
  3. Vibrio vulnificus (raw oyster ingestion)

IV. Genus: Aeromonas (motile with single polar flagellum)

  1. Aeromonas Hydrophila
  2. Aeromonas shigelloides

V. Genus: Campylobacter (motile with single polar flagellum)

  1. Campylobacter jejuni
    1. Common cause of Gastroenteritis
  2. Campylobacter fetus
    1. Foodborne Illness in Immunocompromised hosts and may infect prosthetic materials, cause Meningitis

VI. Genus: Helicobacter (motile with multiple flagella)

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