II. Indications

  1. See Linezolid
  2. Complicated Skin Infections including MRSA

III. Contraindications

  1. Not Approved for use in children
  2. Neutropenia
    1. Tedizolid may be less effective in the absence of adequate Neutrophils

IV. Mechanism

  1. See Linezolid
  2. Oxazolidinone Antibiotic (same class as Linezolid)
  3. Ingested as prodrug Tedizolid phosphate and rapidly metabolized in vivo to active Tedizolid

V. Dosing: Adult

  1. Give 200 mg oral or IV infused over 1 hour once daily for 6 days

VII. Pharmacokinetics

  1. Half-Life 12 hours
  2. Protein bound 70 to 90%
  3. Excreted primarily in the stool

VIII. Safety

  1. Pregnancy Category C (unknown safety in humans)
  2. Unknown safety in Lactation
  3. Monitoring
    1. No Complete Blood Count monitoring required (unlike Linezolid)

IX. Drug Interactions

  1. See Linezolid
  2. No CYP450 interactions
  3. MAO Inhibitor reaction risk (e.g. serotonergic or adrenergic interactions, tyramines)
    1. Tedizolid is a weak, reversible MAO Inhibitor
  4. Other possible interactions (consider holding these agents)
    1. Rosuvastatin
    2. Methotrexate
    3. Topotecan

XI. References

  1. (2014) Med Lett Drugs Ther 56(1449):73-5

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