II. Precautions

III. Indications

  1. See Hepatitis C Antiviral Regimen
  2. Combined with various other agents used in every Hepatitis C virus Genotype
    1. Sofosbuvir is not typically used as HCV monotherapy
    2. Sofosbuvir Ledipasvir (Harvoni)
    3. Sofosbuvir Velpatasvir (Epclusa)
    4. Sofosbuvir Velpatasvir Voxilaprevir (Vosevi)
    5. Sofosbuvir with Ribavirin
      1. Older regimens that have been replaced by other combinations

IV. Contraindications

V. Mechanism

  1. Sofosbuvir is a NS5B Polymerase Inhibitor (...buvirs)
    1. Blocks RNA Polymerase, resulting in inhibition of viral replication

VI. Evaluation

  1. See Hepatitis C Antiviral Regimen for Pre and post-treatment protocols

VIII. Drug Interactions

  1. See Hepatitis C Antiviral Regimen
  2. Fewest Drug Interactions of the anti-HCV agents
  3. Reacts with potent P-Glycoprotein Inducers that lower Sofosbuvir drug levels (and its efficacy)
    1. Carbamazepine
    2. Rifampin
    3. Oxcarbazepine
    4. Phenobarbital
    5. Phenytoin
    6. Rifabutin
    7. Rifampin
    8. Rifapentine
    9. St. Johns Wort
    10. Tipranavir/r
  4. Amiodarone
    1. Causes severe Bradycardia resulting in Cardiac Arrest and pacer placement
  5. Safe Drugs
    1. No significant CYP450 interactions
    2. Does not interact with Statins

IX. Monitoring

XI. References

  1. (2023) Presc Lett, Hepatitis C Treatment Overview, Resource #390902
  2. (2014) Presc Lett 21(2): 8-9

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