II. Indications

  1. Chagas Disease (Trypansoma cruzi)

III. Contraindications

  1. Pregnancy

IV. Mechanism

  1. Nitroimidazole derivative
  2. Antiprotozoal activity
    1. Inhibits parasite Protein Biosynthesis
    2. Affects Cytokine production and triggers Phagocytosis

V. Medications

  1. Tablets: 12.5 mg, 100 mg (scored)
    1. Tablets may be dissolved in water to create a slurry (take immediately after mixing)

VI. Dosing: Chagas Disease

  1. Adult and age >12 years old (not FDA approved)
    1. Dose 5 to 7 mg/kg/day orally divided every 12 hours for 60 days
  2. Child (age 2 to 12 years old)
    1. Dose 5 to 8 mg/kg/day orally every 12 hours for 60 days

VII. Adverse Effects

  1. Adults experience more dose related adverse effects than children
  2. Skin reactions (common)
  3. Bone Marrow suppression
    1. Complete Blood Count (CBC) monitoring is recommended
  4. Peripheral Neuropathy (including Paresthesias)
    1. Delayed effect
  5. Decreased fertility in males
    1. Found in animal studies

VIII. Drug Interactions

  1. Alcohol
    1. Disulfiram reaction (within 3 days of last dose)

IX. Safety

  1. Pregnancy Category X (Teratogenic, contraindicated)
    1. Use reliable Contraception while taking Benznidazole (and for 5 days after last dose)

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