II. Indications

  1. Regions with Plasmodium Vivax transmission
    1. Postexposure prevention for "relapsing" Malaria
    2. Eradication of Malaria liver involvement

III. Contraindications

  1. G6PD Deficiency
    1. Results in acute Hemolysis

IV. Directions

  1. May take with or without food
  2. Take with food to reduce gastric irritation

V. Adverse Effects

VI. Safety

  1. Pregnancy Category C
  2. Safe in children of all ages

VII. Dosing: Prophylaxis (adults)

  1. Standard
    1. Dose 52.6 mg daily starting 1-2 days before travel and continuing until 7 days after return
  2. Terminal prophylaxis (Following prolonged exposure to P. vivax or P. ovale)
    1. Dose 52.6 mg daily for 14 days on leaving endemic area

VIII. Dosing: Treatment

  1. Adults
    1. Dose: 30 mg base (52.6 mg salt) orally daily for 14 days or
    2. Dose: 45 mg base (78.9 mg salt) orally weekly for 8 weeks
  2. Children
    1. 0.3 mg base (0.5 mg/kg salt) orally daily for 14 days or
    2. 0.9 mg/kg base (1.5 mg/kg salt) orally once weekly for 8 weeks

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