II. Taxonomy

  1. Class: Mollicutes
  2. Order: Mycoplasmatales
  3. Family: Mycoplasmataceae

III. Genus I: Mycoplasma (60 species, do not hydrolyze urea)

  1. Mycoplasma pneumoniae
  2. Mycoplasma hominis

IV. Genus II: Ureaplasma (2 species, hydrolyze urea)

  1. Ureaplasma urealyticum

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Ontology: Mycoplasma (C0026934)

Definition (NCI) A genus of nonmotile facultatively anaerobic bacteria that lack a true cell wall, are gram-negative, and require sterol for growth.
Definition (NCI_CDISC) Any bacteria that is not assigned to the species level but can be assigned to the Mycoplasma genus level.
Definition (MSH) A genus of gram-negative, mostly facultatively anaerobic bacteria in the family MYCOPLASMATACEAE. The cells are bounded by a PLASMA MEMBRANE and lack a true CELL WALL. Its organisms are pathogens found on the MUCOUS MEMBRANES of humans, ANIMALS, and BIRDS.
Definition (CSP) genus of gram negative, mostly facultatively anaerobic bacteria in the family Mycoplasmataceae; the cells are bounded by a plasma membrane and lack a true cell wall; its organisms are pathogens found on the mucous membranes of humans, animals, and birds.
Concepts Bacterium (T007)
MSH D009174
SnomedCT 78981005, 72999007, 416750003
LNC LP34946-1, LP17231-9
English Mycoplasma, Pleuropneumonia, Mycoplasma (organism), Genus Mycoplasma, Genus Mycoplasma (organism), Genus Haemobartonella (organism), Haemobartonella (organism), Genus Haemobartonella, Hemobartonella, Eperythrozoon Schilling 1928 (Approved Lists 1980), Mycoplasma Nowak 1929, Haemobartonella Tyzzer and Weinman 1939 (Approved Lists 1980), mycoplasma, mycoplasma bacteria, hemobartonella, mycoplasma organism, Asterococcus, Asteromyces, Borrelomyces, Bovimyces, Mycoplasmata, Mycoplasmata (organism), Asteromyces <Mycoplasma>, MYCOPLASMA, Eperythrozoon, Haemobartonella, Haemobartonella, NOS, Mycoplasma, NOS
Spanish género Mycoplasma (organismo), género Mycoplasma, género Haemobartonella, Haemobartonella (organismo), micoplasma, Mycoplasma (organismo), género Haemobartonella (organismo), Mycoplasma, Haemobartonella, Hemobartonella, Mycoplasmata, Mycoplasmata (organismo), Eperythrozoon
French Haemobartonella, Mycoplasmes, Eperythrozoon, Mycoplasma, Mycoplasme
Swedish Mykoplasma
Czech Mycoplasma, Eperythrozoon, Haemobartonella, mykoplazma
Finnish Mykoplasma
Italian Eperythrozoon, Emobartonella, Mycoplasma
Japanese エペリスロゾオン属, エペリスロゾーン属, 牛肺疫様微生物, ミコプラスマ属, Mycoplasma属, マイコプラスマ属, マイコプラズマ属, エペリスロゾーン, エペリスロゾオン, 牛肺疫様微生物(ギュウハイエキヨウビセイブツ), ウシ肺疫様微生物, マイコプラズマ, Eperythrozoon属, Haemobartonella属
Polish Mycoplasma
Norwegian Not Translated[Mycoplasma]
Portuguese Organismos Similares aos da Pleuropneumonia, Haemobartonella, Eperythrozoon, Mycoplasma
German Eperythrozoon, Haemobartonella, Mycoplasma
Dutch Eperythrozoon, Haemobartonella, Mycoplasma

Ontology: Ureaplasma (C0041944)

Definition (NCI_CDISC) Any bacteria that is not assigned to the species level but can be assigned to the Ureaplasma genus level.
Definition (NCI) A genus of irregularly shaped bacterium that do not contain a cell well in the phylum Tenericutes and the family Mycoplasmataceae.
Definition (MSH) A genus of gram-negative, nonmotile bacteria which are common parasitic inhabitants of the urogenital tracts of humans, cattle, dogs, and monkeys.
Concepts Bacterium (T007)
MSH D014509
SnomedCT 29680004
English T-Mycoplasma, T-mycoplasma, Genus Ureaplasma (organism), Ureaplasma (organism), Ureaplasma Shepard et al. 1974, ureaplasma, ureaplasmas, UREAPLASMA, Mycoplasma, T strains, Ureaplasma, Ureaplasma, NOS, Genus Ureaplasma
Swedish Ureaplasma
Spanish micoplasma, cepas T, género Ureaplasma, género Ureaplasma (organismo), Ureaplasma (organismo), Mycoplasma, cepas T, Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma T
Czech Ureaplasma
Finnish Ureaplasma
Italian T-mycoplasma, Ureaplasma
Croatian Not Translated[Ureaplasma]
French T-Mycoplasma, T-Mycoplasmes, Ureaplasma
Polish Ureaplasma
Japanese T-マイコプラスマ, ウレアプラズマ, T-マイコプラズマ, Ureaplasma属, ウレアプラズマ属, ウレアプラスマ
Norwegian Ureaplasma, T-Mycoplasma
German T-Mykoplasma, Ureaplasma
Dutch Ureaplasma, Plasma, urea-, T-mycoplasma
Portuguese Mycoplasma T, Ureaplasma