II. Background

  1. Sibutramine taken off the market October 2010 in United States due to risk of serious cardiovascular events
  2. Listed for historical purposes only

III. Contraindications

IV. Dosing

  1. Continuous: Sibutramine 15 mg qd
  2. Intermittent (similar weight loss, less side effects)
    1. Weeks 1-12: Sibutramine 15 mg qd
    2. Weeks 19-30: Sibutamine 15 mg qd
    3. Weeks 37-48: Sibutramine 15 mg qd
    4. No medication taken in other weeks
    5. Wirth (2001) JAMA 286:1331-9 [PubMed]

V. Efficacy: One year study

  1. Placebo group weight loss: 3.8 kg in 48 weeks
  2. Continuous Sibutramine: 7.9 kg in 48 weeks
  3. Intermittent Sibutramine: 7.8 kg in 48 weeks
  4. Wirth (2001) JAMA 286:1331-9 [PubMed]

VI. Mechanism

  1. Monoamine reuptake inhibitor Antidepressant
    1. Serotonin and Norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor
    2. Similar to Effexor
  2. Effects (dose dependent)
    1. Enhances satiety
    2. Increases Energy Expenditure (metabolic rate)

VII. Adverse effects (Very similar to Effexor)

  1. Reduced adverse effects with intermittent treatment
  2. Common
    1. Diastolic Hypertension (2-10 mmHg increase)
      1. Optimize Blood Pressure control before use
    2. Tachycardia
    3. Insomnia
  3. Less common
    1. Headache
    2. Irritability
    3. Dry Mouth
    4. Dry Skin or rash

VIII. Drug Interactions: Mixed Noradrenergic-Serotonergic Agent

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Ontology: sibutramine (C0074493)

Concepts Pharmacologic Substance (T121) , Organic Chemical (T109)
MSH C058254
SnomedCT 371164009, 108373009, 386838007
LNC LP100053-0, MTHU035870
English sibutramine, SIBUTRAMINE, sibutramine [Chemical/Ingredient], Sibutramine product (product), Sibutramine product, Sibutramine (product), Sibutramine (substance), Sibutramine
Spanish sibutramina, producto (producto), sibutramina, producto, sibutramina (producto), sibutramina (sustancia), sibutramina

Ontology: Meridia (C0635898)

Concepts Pharmacologic Substance (T121) , Organic Chemical (T109)
MSH C058254
English Meridia, sibutramine hydrochloride (Meridia), meridia