II. Causes

III. Signs

  1. Swollen knee assumes 15-25 degree resting position
  2. Landmarks of anterior knee obscured by fluid
  3. Knee Bulge Sign
  4. Ballottable Patella Sign

IV. Labs

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Ontology: Knee joint effusion (C0343166)

Concepts Pathologic Function (T046)
ICD10 M25.46 , M25.469
SnomedCT 202368005, 156577006, 202381003
Dutch vochtophoping in knie
French Epanchement du genou
German Erguss am Knie
Italian Versamento nel ginocchio, Versamento del ginocchio
Portuguese Derrame no joelho, Derrame do joelho
Spanish Derrame de rodilla, derrame de la articulación de la rodilla (trastorno), derrame de la articulación de la rodilla
Japanese 膝関節滲出液, シツカンセツシンシュツエキ, ヒザカンセツシンシュツエキ
English knee effusion, effusion in knee, Knee effusion, effusion in knee (physical finding), Effusion, knee, Effusion, unspecified knee, knee joint effusion, effusion joint knee, effusion knee, effusion of knee, effusions knee, Knee joint effusion, Effusion of knee, Knee joint effusion (disorder)
Czech Výpotek kolene
Hungarian Térd fluidum, Térd effúziója