II. Technique

  1. Patient's Start Position
    1. Patient lies supine
    2. Arm is held in maximal external rotation
      1. Elbow flexed 90 degrees
      2. Shoulder abducted 90 degrees
  2. Apprehension Maneuver
    1. Examiner holds patient's wrist
    2. Apply forward pressure from behind Shoulder
    3. Externally rotate Shoulder
    4. Positive if produces pain
  3. Relocation Maneuver (Jobe's Relocation Test)
    1. Perform if Apprehension Test Positive
    2. Continue external rotation as above
    3. Apply backward (posterior) pressure from front of Shoulder
    4. Positive if pain reduced from Apprehension Test

III. Interpretation

  1. Positive Apprehension Test
    1. Pain reduced on Relocation Test
      1. Anterior Shoulder Instability
      2. SLAP Lesion
    2. Pain NOT relieved on Relocation Test
      1. Acromioclavicular Impingement
  2. Negative Apprehension Test
    1. No obvious anterior Disability

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