III. Background

  1. Pelvic Compression Test performed in two different settings with vastly different interpretations

IV. Evaluation: Trauma Exam (Emergency Department)

  1. Patient lying supine
    1. Compress iliac crests between examiners two hands
  2. Pelvic Instability on Compression
    1. Suggests unstable Pelvic Fracture in the setting of significant Trauma
    2. Apply Pelvic Binder if Unstable Pelvic Fracture is suspected

V. Evaluation: Low Back Exam or Hip Exam (Clinic)

  1. Patient lying on their side (Clinic Low Back Exam)
    1. Apply manual pressure downward to iliac crest
  2. Pain on compression (Clinic Low Back Exam)
    1. Suggests pelvic dysfunction
    2. Pain at sacroiliac joint or Symphysis Pubis

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