II. Measurement

  1. Transferrin carries 2 iron atoms per molecule
  2. Transferrin is normally 30% bound to iron
  3. TIBC reflects a measurement of serum Transferrin
    1. Measured by saturating all available binding sites

III. Interpretation: Normal

  1. Range: 250-460 ug/dl

IV. Interpretation: Increased TIBC

  1. Iron Deficiency Anemia
  2. Third trimester Pregnancy
  3. Polycythemia Vera

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Ontology: Serum Total Iron-Binding Capacity result (C0036835)

Concepts Laboratory or Test Result (T034)
English TIBC, TIBC - Tot iron bind capacity, TIBC - Total iron binding capacity, Total iron binding capacity, tibc, total iron binding capacity (TIBC) test, Serum Total Iron-Binding Capacity result
Dutch TIBC
French CTFF
German TIBC
Italian Capacità totale di legame per il ferro
Portuguese Capacidade total de fixação de ferro
Spanish CTFH
Japanese TIBC, TIBC
Czech TIBC
Hungarian TIBC