II. Coombs Reagent

  1. Anti-Human Globulin Antibody
  2. Binds to human IgG Antibody and C3 Complement
  3. Produced in rabbits by Immunization

III. Direct Coombs

  1. Question
    1. Is IgG or complement bound to Red Blood Cell?
  2. Technique
    1. Start with patient's Red Blood Cells
    2. Add Anti-human globulin antibodies (Coombs Reagent)
  3. Direct Coombs Positive
    1. Agglutination indicates Antibody coated RBCs
  4. Example of use
    1. Are maternal antibodies bound to fetal RBCs?

IV. Indirect Coombs

  1. Question
    1. Is Antibody against Red Blood Cell present in serum?
  2. Technique
    1. Start with patient's serum
    2. Add Anti-human globulin antibodies (Coombs Reagent)
    3. Add Indicator Red Blood Cells with known Antigens
  3. Indirect Coombs Positive
    1. Agglutination indicates Antibody to RBC in serum
    2. Antibody titer can be obtained by serial dilution
  4. Example of use
    1. Are antibodies to fetal RBC present in maternal serum

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Ontology: Coombs Test (C0009961)

Definition (MSH) A test to detect non-agglutinating ANTIBODIES against ERYTHROCYTES by use of anti-antibodies (the Coombs' reagent.) The direct test is applied to freshly drawn blood to detect antibody bound to circulating red cells. The indirect test is applied to serum to detect the presence of antibodies that can bind to red blood cells.
Definition (NCI) Hemagglutination test in which Coombs' reagent (antiglobulin, or anti-human globulin rabbit immune serum) is added to detect incomplete (non-agglutinating, univalent, blocking) antibodies coating erythrocytes. The direct test is applied to red cells which have been coated with antibody in vivo (e.g., in hemolytic disease of newborn, autoimmune hemolytic anemia, and transfusion reactions). The indirect test is applied to serum to detect the presence of antibody (e.g., in detection of incompatibility in cross-matching tests, detection and identification of irregular antibodies, and in detection of antibodies not identifiable by other means). (MeSH)
Definition (NCI_NCI-GLOSS) A laboratory test to identify antibodies that can bind to the surface of red blood cells or platelets and destroy them. This test is used to diagnose certain blood disorders in which patients make antibodies to their own red blood cells or platelets. It is also used to determine blood type.
Concepts Laboratory Procedure (T059)
MSH D003298
SnomedCT 165778006, 143184007
LNC LP32806-9
English Antiglobulin Consumption Test, Antiglobulin Consumption Tests, Antiglobulin Test, Antiglobulin Tests, Antihuman Globulin Consumption Test, Consumption Test, Antiglobulin, Consumption Tests, Antiglobulin, Coomb Test, Coomb's Test, Test, Antiglobulin, Test, Antiglobulin Consumption, Test, Coombs', Tests, Antiglobulin, Tests, Antiglobulin Consumption, Coombs test NOS, Coombs, Coombs test (lab test), Antiglobulin test, coombs test, test coombs, Test;Coombs, coomb test, coombs testing, coombs' test, coomb's test, Coombs' Test, Test, Coombs, Coombs Test, Coombs test NOS (procedure), Coombs' test, antiglobulin test, Coomb's test, Coombs test
Dutch Coombs-test NAO, Antiglobulineconsumptietest, Antiglobulinetest, Coombs-test, Globulineconsumptietest, Antihumane, Test, Coombs-
French Test de Coombs SAI, Test de Coombs, Test à l'antiglobuline, Test de consommation d'antiglobuline
German Coombs Test NNB, Antihumanglobulin-Verbrauchstest, Coombs Test, Antiglobulin-Verbrauchstest, Antiglobulintest, Coombs-Test
Italian Test di Coombs NAS, Test di consumo dell'antiglobulina, Test dell'antiglobulina, Test di Coombs
Portuguese Teste de Coombs NE, Teste de Coombs, Teste de Antiglobulina, Teste de Consumo de Antiglobulina
Spanish Prueba de Coombs NEOM, Test de Coombs, prueba de Coombs, SAI, prueba de Coombs, SAI (procedimiento), Coombs test NOS, Test de Antiglobulina, Test de Consumo de Antiglobulina, Prueba de Coombs
Japanese クームス試験NOS, クームスシケン, クームスシケンNOS, Coombsテスト, クームステスト, クームス消費試験, クームス試験, 抗グロブリンテスト, 抗グロブリン消費テスト, 抗グロブリン消費試験, 抗グロブリン試験, 抗ヒトグロブリン消費テスト, Coombs試験
Swedish Coombs' test
Czech Coombsův test, Coombsův test NOS
Finnish Coombsin koe
Polish Test Coombsa, Próba antyglobulinowa, Test antyglobulinowy
Hungarian Coombs vizsgálat, Coombs vizsgálat k.m.n.
Norwegian Coombs prøve, Antiglobulinprøve