II. Images: Dermatomes

III. Exam: Pearls - Cold Sensation testing

  1. Use syringe filled with Alcohol and blunt needle
  2. Spray skin at each Dermatome level
  3. Patient should feel cold Sensation

IV. Exam: Dermatomes - Upper body Sensory Innervation

  1. Quick Exam Pearls
    1. Torso: C4-Clavicle, T4-Nipple Line, T10-Umbilicus, L1-Inguinal
    2. Hand: Dorsal first web space (Radial Nerve, C6), Thenar eminence (Median Nerve, C7), Hypothenar eminence (Ulnar Nerve, C8)
  2. C1-2: Occipital and parietal region Sensation
  3. C3: Lower pinna, posterior cheek, temporal region and lateral neck
  4. C4: Dermatome along Scapular spine, mid-deltoid and clavicle
  5. C5: Deltoid, Lateral Upper Arm and Forearm
  6. C6: Thumb, Index Finger, lateral Forearm (Radial Nerve) - dorsal first web space
  7. C7: Index, Middle and Ring Fingers, triceps (Median Nerve) - thenar eminence
  8. C8: Middle, Ring and Little Finger (pinky), medial Forearm (Ulnar Nerve) - hypothenar eminence
  9. T1: Ulnar hand, axilla to olecranon
  10. T4: Nipple
  11. T8: Xiphoid
  12. T10: Umbilicus
  13. T12: Symphysis

V. Exam: Dermatomes - Lower body Sensory Innervation

  1. L1: Inferior to iliac crest
  2. L3: Anterior and medial thigh down to knee
  3. L4: Anterior low leg and medial foot
  4. L5: Lateral leg, heel, dorsal foot, web space between 1st and second toes
  5. S1: Posterior leg, lateral Foot, dorsal fifth toe
  6. S3: Ischial tuberosity area
  7. S4-5: Perianal region

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