II. Contraindications

III. Technique

  1. Eyes open
  2. Head is rotated briskly from side to side

IV. Interpretation

  1. If Brainstem intact:
    1. Eyes deviate contralaterally
    2. Look away from rotation
  2. If Brainstem injury:
    1. Eyes follow direction of head rotation

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Ontology: Doll's head reflex (C0234183)

Concepts Organ or Tissue Function (T042)
SnomedCT 60747006, 417624003
English Doll's eye reflex, oculocephalic reflex, doll's eye reflex, doll's eyes reflex, Doll's head reflex, Doll's head reflex (observable entity), Doll head phenomenon, Oculocephalic reflex, Oculocephalogyric reflex (observable entity), Oculocephalogyric reflex
Spanish fenómeno de la cabeza de muñeca, reflejo de ojos de muñeca, reflejo oculocefálico (entidad observable), reflejo oculocefálico, reflejo oculocefalógiro, reflejo oculocefalógiro (entidad observable)