II. Indications

III. Criteria

  1. Choose and communicate
    1. Can the patient make a choice and communicate that choice?
  2. Understand
    1. Can the patient understand benefits, risks and alternatives?
  3. Reason
    1. Can the patient make a logical, rational choice?
  4. Value
    1. Is the choice the patient makes consistent with their values?
  5. Emergency
    1. Is there an impending, emergent risk to the patient?
  6. Surrogate
    1. Is there a decision maker available?

IV. Interpretation

  1. First 4 letters (C-U-R-V)
    1. Assess the Decision-Making Capacity of the patient
  2. Last 2 letters (E-S)
    1. Assess whether emergency treatment can be delivered without Informed Consent

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