II. Evaluation: General

IV. Evaluation: Anxiety Disorder

  1. See Anxiety Scales
  2. Generalized Anxiety Disorder Scale (GAD-7)
  3. PROMIS Emotional Distress-Anxiety Short Form for adults
  4. Severity Measure for Generalized Anxiety Disorder - Adults
  5. Hamilton Anxiety Scale (HAM-A)
  6. Zung Self Rating Scale for Anxiety
  7. Beck Anxiety Scale

V. Evaluation: Competency, capacity and consent for care

VI. Evaluation: Psychosis

  1. Rorschach
  2. MMPI

VII. Evaluation: Organicity

  1. Bender
  2. Plutchik
  3. Luria-Nebraska

VIII. Evaluation: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  1. See PTSD Screening
  2. Mississippi Scale for PTSD
  3. MMPI
  4. Sentence Completion Test
  5. Millon

IX. Evaluation: Personality profile

  1. MMPI
  2. Millon
  3. NEOPI
  4. Myers-Briggs

X. Evaluation: Dementia

  1. Cognitive Capacity Screening Exam (CCSE)
  2. Mattis Dementia Rating Scale (MDRS)
  3. Dementia Rating Scale (DRS)
  4. Mini-Mental State Exam
  5. Plutchik Geriatric Rating Scale

XI. Evaluation: Other Tests

  1. Cal Verbal Learning Test (modification of Henri Ray)
    1. Tests word list recall, recognition, and cued recall
  2. Selective Reminding Test
    1. Differentiates early Alzheimer's from normal ageing
    2. Consonant trigrams interruptive memory
  3. Verbal fluency:
    1. Controlled Oral Word Association
      1. Words starting with F
    2. Category Fluency Test
      1. Name Fruits, Vegetables
  4. Language
    1. Multilingual Aphasia exam
    2. Token test of verbal comprehension
  5. Apraxia and Perseveration
    1. Draw a Clock
  6. Memory-Wexler (paragraph recognition, recall)
    1. Internal memory
  7. Executive Function
    1. WI card sort
    2. Category Test
    3. Mazes
  8. Concentration
    1. Digit Span Test
    2. Immediate Memory
  9. Orientation Exam

XII. Resources

  1. Psychiatric Depression Scales Resource
    1. http://neurotransmitter.net/depressionscales.html

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Ontology: Psychological Tests (procedure) (C0033905)

Definition (MSH) Standardized tests designed to measure abilities, as in intelligence, aptitude, and achievement tests, or to evaluate personality traits.
Definition (CSP) standardized tests designed to measure abilities, as in intelligence, aptitude, and achievement tests, or to evaluate personality traits.
Concepts Diagnostic Procedure (T060)
MSH D011581
ICD9 94.02
SnomedCT 142576006, 142569001, 165180009, 1999007
CPT 96103, 96101, 96102
English Psychologic Tests, Psychological Test, Psychological Tests, Test, Psychologic, Test, Psychological, Tests, Psychologic, Tests, Psychological, Psychologic Test, Psychological testing NOS, TEST PSYCHOL, PSYCHOL TESTS, PSYCHOL TEST, TESTS PSYCHOL, Psychological Tests (procedure), administration of psychologic test (procedure), administration of psychologic test, Psychologic test adminis, psychological testing, Test;psychological, psychological tests, Psychological testing NOS (procedure), Psychological testing (procedure), Psychological tests, Psychologic test, Psychological testing, Psychologic test (procedure), Psychologic test, NOS, Psychological Testing, Administration of psychologic test, psychological test
Swedish Psykologiska tester
Czech psychologické testy
Finnish Psykologiset testit
Japanese 心理検査, 心理テスト, 心理試験
Italian Test psicologico, Test psicologici
Polish Testy psychologiczne
Norwegian Psykologiske tester, Tester, psykologiske
Spanish evaluación psicológica, SAI, Psychological testing NOS, pruebas psicológicas, SAI (procedimiento), pruebas psicológicas, SAI, Tests Psicológicos, prueba psicológica (procedimiento), prueba psicológica, Pruebas Psicológicas
German Psychologische Tests
Dutch Psychologische test, Psychologische tests
Portuguese Testes Psicológicos
French Test psychologique, Tests psychologiques